Pharmacy SIG Translation Service

PharmTrans specializes in translating prescription medication instructions (SIGs) for pharmacies.

Pharmacists and Pharmacies

  • Instantly print highly accurate SIG Translations directly on your current labels
  • Works seamlessly through participating pharmacy management systems
  • Offering SIG translations will build stronger relationships with patients, and it's required by law in some states.

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Pharmacy Software Providers

  • Offer your pharmacy clients the fastest, most accurate SIG Translation Service available
  • Add individual pharmacy clients through your control panel
  • PharmTrans will supply simple API Documentation
  • Some states require pharmacies to offer SIG Translation Services. This is an opportunity to be a stronger leader.

We are currently offering SIG translations for the Armenian language only, but other languages are being worked on and will be added when ready. We are also working on translations for warning labels. Please Contact Us if you have questions or would like to be notified when additional languages and warning labels are available.

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